What is an Overlocker? – Overlocker Machines Explained

What does an overlocker do?

Toyota-SL3335-OverlockerIn a nutshell, an overlocker is a sewing machine that stitches with either 3, 4 or 5 threads at the same time. They are mainly used to join seams, trim off the excess fabric and stop the cut edges from fraying all in one simple operation.

Pictured to the right is a Toyota SL3335 Overlocker
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How to make lined curtains – Step 7b of our Guide to Making Curtains

So after completing steps 1 to 6 we find ourselves here at step 7b. That is of course, if you opted to make lined curtains.

If your here and you haven’t completed the previous steps, click HERE to start at the beginning 🙂

Ok… for the rest of us, let’s get on with making lined curtains. read more

Hemming – Step 6 of our How to make Curtains guide

To those who may have landed here looking for a guide to hemming ready made curtains. This page contains part of our guide to making curtains from scratch. Please take a look at our guide ‘How to shorten curtains the easy way‘ instead.

Step 6: Hemming

Hemming… a relatively straight forward stage of making curtains. There are a couple things to consider though. read more

How to make Curtains Step 5: Joining Fabric

Just before we start joining fabric, here is a quick check list…

So far in our ‘How to make curtains guide‘, we have completed these steps:

Step 1: Decide what type of curtains would you like to make.
Step 2: Work out what size curtains you need.
Step 3: Calculate how much curtain fabric is required.
Step 4: Cutting your fabric to the correct length. read more

How to make Curtains – Easy step by step guide

Can you tell me how to make curtains?

How to make curtains like this - Pic of ready made curtains at Terry's fabricsYes! of course we can. In fact we would be happy to tell you how to make curtains. However, the answer to this question is not quite so simple.

Unfortunately we can’t simply jump in and say “Fold this, pin that and stitch there… job done!”. That would be silly. This is mainly because, when you make curtains, there are different types and styles of curtains to choose from. Before we can tell you how to make curtains, we need to know
that you have completed the first three steps to making any type of curtain. read more