How to make unlined curtains – Step 7a of our Guide to Making Curtains

Ah… so in step 1, you opted to make unlined curtains.

If your a little confused by that statement, you may have just landed here from Google, Yahoo or Bing (or somewhere else), looking for How to make unlined curtains. Well… your almost in the right place – Click here for step one

Right then… with that out of the way, lets get on with making unlined curtains. 🙂

Hemming the sides of your fabric to make unlined curtains

Since unlined curtains have no linings, (that would just be daft now wouldn’t it? – and they’d be lined curtains), all we need to do is hem the sides in a similar fashion to how we did step 6.

Taking one of your ‘almost curtains’, lay it face down on your chosen flat surface with one of the sides closest to you. Now, as we did during step 6, work your way from one end to the other folding and pinning to create ‘crease one’. This time though, you only need to fold in about 2″ (5cm).

Then, work from one end to the other again, tucking the salvage edge under and down in to crease 1. Again, smooth out the new crease as you go, and move the pin from crease 1 to the new one (crease 2). Remember when moving the pins, to be sure the pin goes through all three layers of fabric. The end result should be a 1″ (2.5cm) hem down one side. Next, turn your ‘almost curtain’ around and repeat the process on the other edge.

Now you can sew your side hems removing the pins as you go. WAIT!… before you rush ahead and do that…

Are you feeling up to having a little extra creative flare?… yes?

OK, here’s what we’ll do. When sewing the section of side hem that over laps the 3″ bottom one, tuck the last 1″ (2.5cm) corner bit under to create a third crease at a 45 degree angle. This third crease should be running from crease 2 down to bottom corner of your ‘almost curtain’ to meet crease one. Basically, you should of just tucked under a little triangle bit of the side hem at the bottom.

If, on the other hand, you can’t muster up the extra bit of creative flare, that’s fine. When you make unlined curtains, that bit is optional. Instead you simply just sew the side hems without the third crease.

Yeay… that’s one ready for the header tape. Now do the same to you other almost curtain.

Wow, who know it would be so easy to make unlined curtains! 🙂

Next – Step 8: The Final step – adding curtain tape.

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