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How to sew?… That is a good question! However, I’m afraid I need a little more information like – How to sew what? – I mean, lets face it, there are a lot of things to choose from and i’m hoping you don’t mean seeds. Also, do you want to learn to sew by hand, or using a sewing machine?

To be honest, personally, I love my sewing machine. I don’t mind the odd bit of sewing by hand, but it’s definitely a case of the less the better. Maybe it’s because I’m not very quick at hand sewing, or because I have an awful habit of jabbing myself with the needle.

How to Sew – Learn to Sew with a Sewing Machine

Obviously there are some things that need sewing by hand like hemming trousers and skirts. Unless that is, you happen to have a Blind Hemming Machine. That would be a subject for another time though.

Learning how to sew with a sewing machine (a standard one), is relatively easy. The vast majority of things can be made this way,and it really isn’t all that complicate.

Sewing – The First Things You Need to Know

Some of these are obvious, some maybe not so much. The first thing is that the most common stitch by far, is the straight stitch. This type of stitch is used on literally everything made through the craft of sewing.

The second most common stitch, would be the zigzag stitch. For example, around the edge of the faithful old buttonhole, look closely, and you will see a compact form of zigzag stitch. They also appear in combination with the straight stitch, to create the Overlocker stitch

When you want to learn how to sew, it may seem rather daunting. Fear not though, it’s really not all that complicated. Just take a look at any of the fabric items around you. I can pretty much guarantee that they will be made up of just two things – Seams and Hems.


These are were two (or more) pieces of fabric join together.


These are found at the edges and formed by folding and stitching the fabric in place, to form a neat edge.

So there you are. Putting those few things together gets you well on your way in your quest to learn how to sew.

Sewing Tutorials

Here at We’re in stitches, to help you further along your way, we have put together some easy sewing projects. They will show you step by step how to sew a range of soft-furnishings including pillow cases, cushion covers and curtains. So be sure to check them out!


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  1. Wanted to thank you for your easy step by step guide to making curtains. I followed your instructions and the curtans have come out looking great. I was a bit aprehensive but now feel like a pro.

    Thank you

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